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Apple shares up 4% after earnings report

Tuesday was stuffed again for market analysts and report watchers.
Lets see the most important results.
The most important and most watched reporting company was Apple!
  • Apple's (AAPL) report in detail:
    • Q3 EPS is $7,42 vs $9,32 a year earlier
    • Analysts expected $7,31 profit on each share
    • Apple profit decreased from last year but beat analysts estimations
    • Revenue surges to $35,32 billion from $35,02 billion in last year
    • Projected revenue in the range of $34 billion to $37 billion. Analysts are expecting revenue of $37.1 billion
    • iPhone sales up to 31,2 million from 26 million (2012Q3)
    • iPad sales down to 14,6 million from 17 million
    • Mac sales also down to 3,8 million from 4 million pcs
    • Investors are happy with results so price went up some 4% in aftermarket.
  • VMware (VMW) Q2 adjusted income 79 cents a sharewhile 77 cent was estimated. Revenue is $1.23 billion for Q2 while analysts were expecting revenue of $1.28 billion. Price jumped almost 11% in after market.
  • Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) share price pop up more than 6% after company reported increased earnings. Net income of $222 million (that means 71 cents/share), compared with net income of $201 million of last year (63 cents/share). Price jumped.
  • AT&T Inc. (T) reported numbers was not so good as market waited.  The telco giant reported profit of $3.8 billion or 71 cent/share on revenue basis of $32.1 billion, compared with earnings of $3.9 billion or 66 cent/share on basis of $31.6 billion in same period last year.Analysts expected 68 cent/share on basis $31.8 billion in revenue. Price has been sunk.
  • BroadCom (BRCM) reports $251 million net loss which means 43 cents net loss a share. Revenue is $2,09 billion in reported quoter. Price dropped.
  • Juniper networks (JNPR) also set out its earnings report. Adj. EPS 29 cent/share, revenue rose to $1,15 billion from $1,09 billion last year. Analysts polled 25 cents EPS. Share price first shrunk then rise up again in aftermarket.
  • Lockheed Martin (LMT) EPS up to $2,64 from $2,38; Revenue fall to $11,4 billion from $11,9 billion a year earlier; EPS projection for this year is $9,20-$9,50. LMT price could increase.
  • UPS's (UPS) EPS fall to $1,13 from $1,15; Profit fall to $1,07 billion from $1,12 billion; Revenue rises to $13,51 billion from $13,35 billion in 2012Q2. Company reported 4%-13% adj EPS growth. Share price dropped then could surge.
  • Domino's Pizza (DPZ) EPS 57 cent/share for Q2 on revenue basis $414 million. Last year company's EPS was 47 cent/share on revenue of $376 million. Nice up! Analysts polled 56 cent/share on revenue basis of $405 million.
  • Wendy's Co (WEN) Adj EPS 8 cents, while previous year it was 3 cents. Consolidated revenues were $650.5 million. Analysts expected EPS 6 cent/share on basis of  $658 million in revenue. We've seen nearly flat share price.

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