2013. október 15., kedd

J.P. Morgan reported loss - first from long time

On Friday Wells Fargo and J.P. Morgan Chase launched its earnings report today morning Citi posted its numbers. 

Wells Fargo (WFC) posted its 3Q EPS that rises to $0.99 vs. $0.88 a year ago, while its revenue dips to to $20.5 billion vs $21.2 billion (2012Q3). Analysts expected 97 cents/share EPS and on revenue of $20.97 billion. 
Share price fell on Friday morning but soon after climbed up where it was on the end of Thursday.

J.P. Morgan's (JPM) Chairman and CEO James Dimon also reviewed the results on Friday. New York based large bank has 17 c loss while $1,40 was its EPS on the same time last year. 
Revenue was $23.9 billion vs. $25.15 billion same time on last year.
JPM was one of the few financial corporation that could went through the crisis without reported loss. Bank's loss of $380 million, largely due to a $9.15 billion legal expense.
Price temporary went up 2% then slipped down.

Citi's net credit losses down 38% - cnn.com
Today Citigroup (C) posted earnings of $1.02/share vs. $1.04 analysts' estimation.  Bank's 3Q revenue is $17.9 billion and net income $3.2 billion. Moreover Citi's net credit losses $2.4 bln, down 38%! Share's price down 1,3% on pre-market, then upped to $49.99 and went to south again and finished the day on $48.8.

Bank of America (BAC) will report tomorrow, Goldman Sachs (GS) lets out its numbers on Thursday.

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