2013. július 19., péntek

Google misses profit estimation

Thursday also was stuffed with reporters. Prices in stock markets and main stock indexes could develop well. S&P500 popped new high (1693 points) in the morning.
Moody's upgrade outlook of US debt to "stable" and keeps Aaa rating.
Moreover Detroit files for bankruptcy.

Reports of Thursday:
  • BlackRock (BLK) reported EPS $4,15 vs estimation $3,8; revenue up 11% to $2.48 billion; Shares leaped +2,43%.
  • Philip Morris (PM) Q2 EPS $1.30 vs. year-ago $1.36 vs estimated $1,41; revenue $20.48 billion
  • Morgan Stanley (MS) Q2 EPS $0.41 vs. $0.29 year ago; net income $980 million vs.year-earlier $591 million, popped 66%; shares up 3.6%
  • Verizon (VZ) Q2 adj. EPS $0.73, profit rises 23%; expected adj.EPS $0,72. Operating revenue up 4.3% to $29.8 bl. Share price was volatile, but in down trend however report numbers are OK.
  • Safeway (SWY) Q2 EPS $0.03, adj. EPS $0.51, revenue $8.7 bln vs. $8.8 bl; company's profit down 93% on Canada operations sale
  • UnitedHealth Group (UNH): net income of $1.44 billion, or $1.40/share vs $1.34 billion or $1.27/share a year earlier. Analysts expected $1,25. Revenue grew to $30.4 billion, while analysts expected $30.5 billion. Narrowing prospect on profit side.
  • Snap-on Inc. (SNA): net income jumped 16%; company earned $88.4 million, or $1.50/share vs $76.4 million, or $1.30/share in 2012Q2; revenue rose 4% to $764.1 million, from $737.9 million; results beats Wall Street's expectation of $1.46 a share on $758.1 million in revenue. Share price bounced more than 2%.
  • Google (GOOG) Q2 non-GAAP EPS $9.56 vs $10.80 exp; net revs $11.1B vs. $11.37 expected; Google's price fall down more than 4% on after hours electronic market.
  • Microsoft (MSFT) Q4 non-GAAP EPS 52 cents vs. analysts polled 75 cents; revenue decreased to $19.9B vs. $20.7B expected; share price dropped more than 6%.
  • SAP AG: adj. EPS decreased 12,86% to $0.61 vs EPS of $0.70 in 12Q2;  analysts expected 75 cents; revenue: decreased 17.72% to $4.06 billion from the year-earlier quarter. Negative outlook in the next quoters. Share price dropped more than 12% in the morning but it reborn.
  • Norsk Hydro ASA: Underlying earnings before interest and taxes were NOK518 million from NOK549 million. Analysts expected NOK446 million. Revenue was NOK16.05 billion compared with NOK21.6 billion. Analysts expected NOK16.23 billion.
Google's reported results 2013Q2 - 9to5google.com

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